Mental Knights – Imperial

Established 2017

The main guild and name sake of the community, the Mental Knights Imperial guild focuses on a fun and interactive experience for our players. Whether you want a casual experience or want to have fun events planned for you, our guild has many things to offer the new, veteran and returning players. We accept all levels of players, free to play, preferred or subbed.

Mental Knights – Republic

Established 2018

The Republic side of our community, similar to the Imperial guild of the same name, focuses on casual and fun activities to keep the player base interested in coming back. Whether you are working on your legendary status, or just casually playing on the Republic side, you will feel at home with our guild.

Mandalorian Knights – Imperial

Established 2021

While we do not do any guild role-playing events, players are more than welcome to join the guild and participate in role-playing here or just be proud to carry the Mandalorian name while being a part of a fun, helpful guild. Focusing on the non-force user classes, this guild has some of the best in the game among its ranks.

Dread Knights – Imperial

Established 2022

Looking for a guild that does end game content, look no further, this part of our community focuses on downing all the Operations. Defeating the Dread Masters is only the beginning. Come join the team as we take down the operations, one by one, learning as we go, teaching others as they join.

Join for the Perks

Stay for the comfy walls

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