Mental Knights

Around The Table.
Together We Stand.

Bringing a little crazy
To the table.


Experience the game how you want to. Play together in a group with your friends and guild mates, or take the solo route and discover things yourself while still getting the advantages and perks of being part of a community.

― Don’t pause, press play

Unleash your
full potential

True grace is beautiful in its imperfection, honest in its emotion, freed by its own frailty.


Be Yourself

In Mental Knights we strive to let our members feel comfortable and be whoever they need to be in this age of online gaming.

Our Guilds

You think having one guild in Star Wars: The Old Republic is fun? Try having four! Each a different style to fit your game play. Come join one or all of our guilds and be Mental with us.

Mental Knights


Mandalorian Knights


Dread Knights


Mental Knights


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